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Contributing to SoilPIC

If you would like to contribute some of your soils-related photographic collection to share with other SoilPIC users we would be keen to hear from you.

In order to expedite the acceptance of photographs to the site, please will you contact us and we can send you the Photographic donor agreement form. Photos, and associated descriptive metadata can be accepted in most electronic formats. We do have scanning facilities also - but this will be slower for us. Descriptive metadata should be provided for any images provided to assist identification and description of the images - ideally we will provide an account for you on SoilsWorldwide to edit such descriptions into the website.

To describe the photographic materials in SoilPIC, we are using a 'metadata' scheme based on the Dublin Core standard. Dublin Core is presented by the Dublin Core organisation on their website and represents a widely used and popular format for descriptive metadata, suiting the purposes of the SoilPIC archive well.

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