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Welcome to! Launched in November, 2007, this website, managed and run by Cranfield University's National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI), sets out to offer a definitive source of information on world soils, and is the home of the International Soils Photographic Image Catalogue (SoilPIC). The SoilPIC project commenced with supportive funding from the British Society for Soil Science (BSSS), and seeks to draw together a set of soil horizon and landscape photographs for all the major world soils.

SoilsWordwide is presented as an educational reference source of information on soils and soil-related issues and is the sister website to the closely associated Soil-Net schools-age educational web portal. SoilsWorldwide is also closely linked to the World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue project (WOSSAC) operated by Cranfield University.

SoilsWorldwide pays tribute to Professor Peter Bullock, a leading soil scientist of international repute. Peter was one of the core founders of SoilsWorldwide, and the related WOSSAC collection and archive, and his extraordinary vision and commitment to soil science led, amongst many achievements, to the implementation of this resource in its current form. Peter Bullock 1937-2008

For more specific information about the work of NSRI and the soils information available visit the NSRI Land Information System (LandIS).

If you would like to contact the SoilsWorldwide project or contribute materials we'd like to hear from you, please email us at

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