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This page is aimed at those volunteers who are kindly assisting in the process of categorising and organising the SoilPIC materials, and assume a basic working knowledge of using a Wiki site.


SoilPIC uses a Dublin Core information structure and related Wiki template to hold and present metadata for each image. Using the standard Wiki means of utilising pre-defined templates, individual image pages can have a blank template attached thus: == Summary == {{DublinCore | Title = IMG001 | Creator = ([[User:Horizon|Horizon]]), Cranfield University | Description = Shippon A8 Bypass. | Publisher = Cranfield University | Date = 1975-02-01T00:00:00 | Type = Still Image | Format = JPEG | Identifier = IMG001.jpg | Source = SoilPIC Archive | Language = N/A }}


A number of categories are identified for the classification of the images in SoilPIC. Images can belong to one or more categories. All images automatically belong to the category 'SoilPIC'. When editing images, please copy and paste the appropriate category/categories from the list below into the image's page description. Note the categories are arranged hierarchically. It is considered preferable not to combine multiple categories where one is the parent of another:

*[[Category:World Soils Nature, Uses and Issues]] **[[Category:Future Soil Protection]] ***[[Category:Biological Diversity]] ***[[Category:Food Safety and Health]] ***[[Category:Population and Food]] ***[[Category:Population and Infrastructure]] ***[[Category:Sustainable Soils]] ***[[Category:Waste Disposal]] ***[[Category:Water Resource Management]] **[[Category:Global Soil Issues]] ***[[Category:Carbon Cycle]] ***[[Category:Climate Change]] ***[[Category:Feeding the World]] ***[[Category:Hydrological Cycle]] ***[[Category:Nitrogen Cycle]] ***[[Category:Nutrient Cycle]] ***[[Category:Oxygen Cycle]] **[[Category:Living Soil]] ***[[Category:Macrofauna]] ***[[Category:Macroflora]] ***[[Category:Mesofauna]] ***[[Category:Microfauna]] ***[[Category:Microflora]] **[[Category:Soil Composition]] ***[[Category:Components]] ***[[Category:Macrostructure]] ***[[Category:Microstructure]] ***[[Category:Soil Air]] ***[[Category:Soil Water]] ***[[Category:Texture]] **[[Category:Soil Forming Influences]] ***[[Category:Climate]] ***[[Category:Human Influence]] ***[[Category:Landscapes and Relief]] ***[[Category:Parent Material]] ***[[Category:Time]] ***[[Category:Vegetation]] **[[Category:Soil Processes]] ***[[Category:Calcification]] ***[[Category:Leaching]] ***[[Category:Lessivage]] ***[[Category:Podsolisation]] ***[[Category:Rubification]] ***[[Category:Salinisation]] ***[[Category:Shrinking and Swelling]] ***[[Category:Weathering]] **[[Category:Soil Threats]] ***[[Category:Acid Rain]] ***[[Category:Building on Soils]] ***[[Category:Deforestation]] ***[[Category:Desertification]] ***[[Category:Loss of Biodiversity]] ***[[Category:Loss of Organic Matter]] ***[[Category:Salt Encroachment]] ***[[Category:Soil Compaction]] ***[[Category:Soil Erosion]] ***[[Category:Soil Pollution]] **[[Category:Soil Use and Management]] ***[[Category:Agriculture]] ***[[Category:Archaeology]] ***[[Category:Buildings and Infrastructure]] ***[[Category:Flora]] ***[[Category:Forestry]] ***[[Category:Gardening and Horticulture]] ***[[Category:Hydrology]] ***[[Category:Soil Quality and Planning]] ***[[Category:Soils and Health]]

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